Know who you’re dealing with at the touch of a thumbprint

remittanceMoneyRouter™ offers banks and other financial institutions a safe and transparent way to take part in one of the largest sectors of financial services, worth over $600bn annually.

Using end to end identity verification, MoneyRouter™ monitors money transfers in real time, safeguarding against money launderers.

Before a transfer is approved, MoneyRouter™ requires both senders and receivers of money to input key identity data, including biometrics. Their identities are then checked against the latest risks databases. When a transfer is required, the system requests thumbprints, and verifies the identities in real time. Only if all criteria are met will the transfer be authorised.

MoneyRouter™ can handle many thousands of such transactions per minute. The application can be hosted either on proprietary servers or in the cloud.

MoneyRouter™ represents a significant step forward in the fight against money laundering and other abuses of money transfer for illegal purposes. For banks and financial institutions it offers new possibilities to engage in this sector, bringing significant benefit to billions of people around the globe.